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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Air Conditioner Simulator, Air Conditioning Simulator. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve our customers from all over India, Asia.

It simulates a typical Air Conditioning System.
You can mix outside fresh air with re-circulating air as per your requirement.
When you start the set-up, air circulation starts, and compressor for cooling, heater for de-humidification, and humidifier for humidification can be put on with the help of switches provided on the panel.
Depending on the apparatus dew point, coil bypass factor, outlet air condition is determined. When room heat load is applied, according to load value and sensible heat ratio, room condition is ascertained.
The dry bulb temperature and relative humidity at every stage is indicated.
The process is also shown the Psychrometric chart.
This can be a very effective tool to understand basic air conditioning processes.

Simulation software for Air Conditioning. (License copy)
It should provide testing and troubleshooting of components and devices commonly found actual air conditioning systems, including the following: Compressor, Condenser coil, Evapc Coil, Capillary tube, Thermostatic expansion valve, Filter-drier, Air filter, Outdoor fan motor, Indoor fan motor, Compressor, contactor, Start relay, Indoor fan, relay, Transformer, Crankca heater, Compressor, run, capacitor, Compressor start capacitor, Fan motor capacitor, Room thermostat, Low pressure switch, High pressure switch and Circuit breaker.

RT-C- Cut section and Refrigeration repair tool kit
Gas Charging Machine
a) Portable bench top unit
b) Vacuum pump and filling cylinder
c) Manometer for intake and delivery pressure and cylinder pressure, vaccum gauge
d) Manometer for intake and delivery pressure with temperature scale for refrigerant R134a
e) Connections for intake and delivery pressure Measuring ranges: Pressure: intake: 1-10 bar;delivery:1-30bar; vacuum: 0- 1000 mbar; cylinder;1-25bar, temperature: at intake:- 60-40°C, at delivery :-60- 85°C
The Machine should be of ROHS certified make

Refrigeration Test RIG Simulator

Refrigeration Test RIG Simulator